"If you don't go after what you want, you will never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you are always at the same place. "

Nora Roberts

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Working Professional

Are you thinking of any of these lines :

  • I want to find out my core corporate competencies and match the jobs to excel at.
  • I don’t like my current job. I need help to find an alternative job matching my core competencies.
  • My career ladder is not smooth and growing very slowly. I am tense. What to do?
  • I need guidance to manage my career break with fresh career choices .
  • My boss is dictatorial. I am finding it difficult to pull along. What should I do?
  • I find myself neglected in my team. What should I do to handle this?
  • I want to pursue some course along with my job to make promotional prospects better. Which is the suitable course for my job?
  • I find myself stressed either due to long hours of my job or worry about best performance. How can I get rid of this?
  • I am not able to create a work-life balance. I need help.
  • The unhappiness in my personal life is affecting my professional life. I need help.

Research suggests that today’s skills have a life of 2.5-5 years.We help you to identify the skills to be developed, your key strengths & strategies for improvement. We guide you to move in new directions in order to achieve your goals. In our customised plans we train on skills like effective communication, leadership, management of interpersonal relationships, conflict management & many more. We also coach on developing EI, empathy, resilience, open mindedness. We help you learn to identify opportunities for personal & professional growth. Our team helps you to improve your productivity, work performance, confidence and managing interpersonal relationship skills .

Choose a plan to start your career success journey

Careergym Alpha

Code: WPA

  • One hour of Career Counseling +
  • 30 minutes of online Career Assessment
  • One hour of Career Guidance
  • Focus: Career Counseling, Career Assessment and Career Guidance
  • 2.5 hours one time
  • Career Counselling to brainstorm your career thoughts and to understand your personality
  • Career Assessment Report
  • Behavioural Assessment Report
  • Job Role Specific Report
  • Manage career breaks with fresh career choices
  • Find Out Your Core Corporate Competencies and Jobs Mapping Your Personality
  • Design/Redesign your Career Path
  • Guide to find out Your Passion & Interests to finalise a Postgraduate Course
  • Find your Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Basic Tips to Career Roadmap
  • Enrollment in the Reading Club
₹7100 6000
Incl Tax

Careergym Beta

Code: WPB

  • Careergym Alpha + Careergym Beta
  • 18 sessions spread over 6 months
  • Focus: Corporate Excellence and Skills Enhancement for Career Growth
  • 19 hours spread over 6 months
  • Strengthening 4 most Desired Habits
  • Building 10 most required Life Skills
  • Build your Resourcefulness
  • Practicing Time Management Skill
  • Training for restrained use of Social Media
  • Building Stress Resistance
  • Instilling the Spirit to face Adversity
  • Learning to Save Oneself from any kind of Addiction
  • Prepare to de-addict
  • Learning the art of Interpersonal Relationships Skills
  • Preparing for Marital Relationship
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Careergym Gamma

Code: WPG

  • Careergym Alpha + Careergym Gamma
  • 18 sessions spread over 6 months
  • Focus: Leadership Development and Work-Life Balance
  • 19 hours spread over 6 months
  • Nurture Leadership Skills
  • Master the essential corporate skill of Project Management
  • Develop a Growth Mindset
  • Manage Peer Influence
  • Enhancing Interpersonal Skills
  • Self Discovery
  • Dealing with Emotions
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Career Gym (Working Professional)