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Undergraduate Student

Thought of joining college/university is a romanticized idea, as it brings with it ideas of freedom, independence and exposure to a new unbounded world. It is no less than a fantasy. These fantasies mislead those more who are weak not only at self controlling and self defining quality but also those who joined these institutions aimlessly. It is observed that about 70-80 % of these students go off the track and they come out merely with a graduate degree and become a part of unemployables. Therefore, the youthful energy is lost at a heavy cost.

Though, this results in loss of precious youthful energy at individual level but it can also cause negative impact on the society and the nation both in terms of human resources and development.

Are the following types of questions making you restless:

  • How to maintain high scores through my college education?
  • How to build my profile along with high college grades?
  • What job roles match my personality?
  • I am completing my engineering in computer science. But I don’t want to build a career in this line. Can someone guide me
  • How do I find my passion to finalise a postgraduate course?
  • How can I mange my attraction/ discomfort for opposite sex?
  • What can I create my identity / make myself a known figure?
  • How can I give up the smoking habit which I started under pressure from my friends?
  • I always find myself unknowingly in confrontation with my parents or friends or school authorities. What should I do?
  • And many more…

Our career experts help to channelise the youthful energy for a strong and bright future of both the youth and the country. Our modus operandi is to guide them for building the right attitude and a growth mindset to overcome life’s common challenges & accomplish their goals through a customised module- based program .

Choose a plan to start your career success journey

Careergym Alpha

Code: CUA

  • One hour of Career Counseling +
  • 30 minutes of online Career Assessment
  • One hour of Career Guidance
  • Focus: Career Counseling, Career Assessment and Career Guidance
  • 2.5 hours one time
  • Career Counselling to brainstorm your career thoughts and to understand your personality
  • Career Assessment Report & Analysis
  • Behavioural Assessment Report & Analysis
  • Guide to find out Your Passion & Interests
  • Find Out Your Core Corporate Competencies and Jobs Mapping Your Personality
  • Basic Tips on Personal Branding and Memory Techniques
  • Enrollment in the Reading Club
₹6500 5500
Incl Tax

Careergym Beta

Code: CUB

  • Careergym Alpha + Careergym Beta
  • 18 sessions spread over 6 months
  • Focus: Academic Excellence and Personal Branding
  • 19 hours spread over 6 months
  • Strengthening/Developing 3 most Desired Habits
  • Building 10 most required Life Skills
  • Converting Dreams to Reality
  • Understand the Psychology of Money
  • Build Your Profile to Map Your Personality
  • Building up High Learning Spirit
  • Co-career Options
  • Guided Informed Choice to take a Job or Pursue Higher Studies
  • Build Healthy Relationships
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Careergym Gamma

Code: CUG

  • Careergym Alpha + Careergym Gamma
  • 18 sessions spread over 6 months
  • Focus: Employability Skills or Entrepreneurial Skills
  • 19 hours spread over 6 months
  • Interview Skills
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Employability skills
  • OR
  • Enrollment in the Core Leadership Program
  • Leadership Development
  • Get trained to be a CEO
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