Help Your Child Explore Inside

Ande comes back from school at 3.30pm. She has to then get ready to attend her musis class. Luckily, the master comes home to teach. She has her music classes on Monday and Wednesday. She has to attend gymnastic classes on Tuesday and Thursday. She has her art classes on Friday and Saturday. Once she is over with her classes, it is almost 5.30pm. She would have her milk and go out and play with her friends. By the time, she comes back home it is already 7pm. She still has to complete her homework. She is in 5th grade. She enjoys studying but the long day in school and the different classes and play time takes away most of her energy. So, she tries to finish her home work without much effort on learning. She also loves watching television and playing on the ipad.

When would Ande get time to find out what she really enjoys. Is it music, art, sports or anything else. She does not get time to do nothing and explore her inner self. Actually, Ande loves to watch trees, flowers, the Sun and the Moon. But, When???

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