"You cant exercise for 4 years, and then expect to be fit for the rest of your life. So why do so many people go to college and then expect to never have to learn again in their lives? "

Mahatma Gandhi

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Post completing undergraduation, time is filled with both excitement and dilemma. The first degree, undoubtedly,is a matter of enjoyment and pride, but it, simultaneously, raises questions about what to do now : whether to go for a master’s degree or go for some diploma in some professional course or join any kind of job or start some enterprise or join civil services. This dilemma clubbed with overdosed advice from peer groups, parents and wellwishers and also by one’s own over ambition aggravates one’s nervousness, hence paves way for a state of indecisiveness wherein one usually makes the wrong decision.This results not only loss of precious time but also demoralized spirit.
Are you having anxiety because of the following types of questions:
  • Should I first gain work experience and then do my master’s degree or should I first complete my higher education and then start my professional journey?
  • Can I change my academic stream for pursuing a postgraduate course ?
  • I have completed my Bachelor of Arts (B.A). What are my job prospects?
  • Can I pursue a professional course in computer programming after B.A?
  • What are the career prospects of the master’s degree in my academic stream?
  • What is a life skills training programme? How far it helps to strengthen the prospects of my career? Where can I have this training?
  • How do I face my parents for wrong academic decisions and poor results?
  • How can I improve my career prospects with a graduation degree with unsatisfactory performance?
  • And many more…
Our career experts and mentors extend the helping hand in this unpleasant state. By applying scientific and objective methods, Fermata experts assess the capabilities of these graduates and on the basis of the results ascertain clear cut path with alternative options which ensures them either a most suitable career or to pursue post graduation program.

Choose a plan to start your career success journey

Careergym Alpha

Code: CGA

  • One hour of Career Counseling +
  • 30 minutes of online Career Assessment
  • One hour of Career Guidance
  • Focus: Career Counseling, Career Assessment and Career Guidance
  • 2.5 hours one time
  • Career Counselling to brainstorm your career thoughts and to understand your personality
  • Career Assessment Report & Analysis
  • Behavioural Assessment Report & Analysis
  • Guide to find out Your Passion & Interests
  • Find Out Your Core Corporate Competencies and Jobs Mapping Your Personality
  • Basic Tips to Career Enhancement
  • Enrollment in the Reading Club
  • Guided informed choice to take a Job or pursue Higher Studies
₹6500 5500
Incl Tax

Careergym Beta

Code: CGB

  • Careergym Alpha + Careergym Beta
  • 18 sessions spread over 6 months
  • Focus: Career Roadmap and Corporate & Social Excellence
  • 19 hours spread over 6 months
  • Strengthening 4 most Desired Habits
  • Building 10 most required Life Skills
  • Guidance to develop skills for the new normal
  • Converting Dreams to Reality
  • Understand the Psychology of Money
  • Build Healthy Relationships
  • Skills to cope up with Failure
  • Learning to Respect Gender Equality dismissing primordial work gendered roles division
  • Restraining from any kind of Addiction
  • Preparing to Negate Undesirable pressures from Peer Groups
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Careergym Gamma

Code: CGG

  • Careergym Alpha + Careergym Gamma
  • 18 sessions spread over 6 months
  • Focus: Corporate & Social Excellence or Entrepreneurial Excellence
  • 19 hours spread over 6 months
  • Leadership Development
  • Get Trained to be a CEO
  • OR
  • Develop 6 most Desired Employability Skills
  • Building Learning and Inquisitive Habit
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Career Gym (Graduate)