"The future depends on what you do today"

Mahatma Gandhi

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Grade 6-8

Early adolescence is the age of discovery & explorations as this is the time to create developmental milestones in different faculties of the child. Also it is the age of massive boost in brain growth, if directed rightly can turn unachievables to achievables.

However, early adolescence usually creates a sense of insecurity and emotional vulnerability as well because of various social challenges, strong enough to put the child on a crossroad, where even the parents of the child are unable to decide where and how to go about. Hence, they are confronted with following questions:

  • How to provide direction to my talented child?
  • How to de-addict my child from social media?
  • How can I build sports acumen in my child?
  • How to develop the reading habit in my child?
  • My child is too shy. How can the child overcome this?
  • How to channelise the hobbies of Is there someone who can provide my child weekly mentoring?
  • What kind of books can my child read?
  • How to build a healthy relationship with my child?
  • How to create strong bonds between my two siblings?
  • What emotional challenges my child might be facing?
  • How can my child build creative and critical thinking skills?
  • And more…

Our career experts hear you with a solution oriented approach to diagnose your pain/s and provide you with an accurate prescription . Hence, both the child and parents can make a “mindful transition” from challenge and anxiety to opportunity and happiness, state of dormancy to state of achievement and fulfillment and from dependency to self driven attitude .

Choose a plan to start your career success journey

Careergym Alpha

Code: S6A

  • 30 minutes of online Personality Assessment Test
  • One hour session on Habits, Learning Style and Exploring Hobbies Development.
  • Focus: Personality Assessment and Tips to Career Designing
  • 1.5 hours one time
  • Report analysis and Guidance by the Expert
  • Discussing your Challenges
  • Basic Tips on Study Skills and Memory Techniques
  • Enrollment in the Reading Club
₹2950 2500
Incl Tax

Careergym Beta

Code: S6B

  • Careergym Alpha + Careergym Beta
  • 18 sessions spread over 6 months
  • Focus: Habits Formation & Behavioural Change
  • 18 hours spread over 6 months
  • Developing 3 most Desired Habits
  • Building 3 most required Life Skills
  • Mapping Hobbies for Overall Development
  • Preparing for Managing  Peer Influences
  • Building  Confidence
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Careergym Gamma

Code: S6G

  • Careergym Alpha + Careergym Gamma
  • 18 sessions spread over 6 months
  • Focus: Academic Action Plan
  • 18 hours spread over 6 months
  • Strengthening 3 most Desired Habits
  • Strengthening 3 most required Life Skills
  • Inculcating/Strengthening Academic Interests
  • Developing an Action Plan for Scholarships and Competitive Exams
  • Developing Focus and Attentiveness
  • Discovering Capabilities
  • Personality Assessment Test and Analysis
  • Inculcating Curiosity
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Career Gym (Grade 6-8)


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